Would you like to increase the leads / sales generated from your website?
Would you like to be listed at the top of every major search engine such as Google, Yahoo! & Bing for multiple search phrases (keywords) relevant to your products/services?
Would you like an abundance of laser targeted high quality visitors to your website every day?

We provide a complete solution for your Online Business need.


Skills and Business Accelerator..Business Solution Help is also a proud and independent advertising agency through digital marketing. We help build relationships between brands and consumers. We take a great idea and execute it flawlessly with love and a lot of caffeine. No one delivers value on the advertising through digital marketing medium better. We have experience in the interactive space and offer almost every conceivable advertising solution to our esteemed clients. Irrespective of who you are – whether a small, young start-up or a global corporation; irrespective of where you are placed on the digital life cycle curve, we can partner you seamlessly and propel your business to the next interactive orbit. Finest customer experiences and ROI based digital strategy – Whenever you need it.


We offer digital marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, and overall Digital marketing services. We are passionate about all things digital and effective business results for you. Our expertise lies in applying advanced e-Marketing knowledge to complex business issues and deliver robust solution to create best online customer experience on your web properties. As a Digital Marketing Company we offer digital strategy, planning & creativity, resulting in fully managed and highly successful online marketing campaigns. If you want to experience results focused digital marketing which you can measure, optimize and improve your return on investment. There are many types of advertising attract customers, both digitally and through traditional means. As we specialize in digital media advertising we recommend these types of advertising as the best way to reach potential customers. The services we provide can do value addition to your already existing as well as new business. After satisfying our numerous clients with excellent grade advertising solutions, we have marked our footprints in SEO, PPC and SMO services. Since, SEO, PPC and SMO are the powerful methods of increasing traffic on your website. Our trained team professionals are always ready to boost /increase Google and other search engine ranks of your website

One-stop solution provider for all your Advertising through Digital Marketing requirements

Our advertising through digital marketing services include:-
Search Engine Optimization
Link Building
Paid Search Advertising


Google AdWords
Yahoo/Bing Ads
Facebook Advertising
Social Media Marketing
Facebook Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing
Pinterest Marketing
Google Plus Marketing
YouTube Video Optimization

1. Search Engine Optimization: 

SEO services are an answer to the higher clicks and profits you aim for. The traffic on your site surely increases when you appear on top results in search engines. You generate more leads, sales hence more profits and turnovers. We help you occupy a place in top search results in this competitive business world because we have experienced SEO consultants, focus and give attention to Onpage & Offpage optimization, work with strict timelines, keep close eye and are aware of latest trends
and developments. Search Engine Optimization now revolves around link building. Inbound Links make your website stand out prominent in the SERPs. In today’s SEO world, more than 95% of the focus is on building quality backlinks

Link Building:

Making bridges for web traffic to flow in your direction. Building links is like referrals to get more jobs for your business   enterprise. A search engine determines your site’s worth by how many links it has built thus relevant links are valuable. We at Skills and Business Accelerator help you to build these valuable links and become most efficient. These links determine your placement on Google or other search engines on World Wide Web. Your Vital part of link building is based on Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Classified Ads, Publishing Blogs and Blog commenting, Articles, Press Releases, RSS Feeds, Embedded Test Phrases or Hyperlinks, Web and Profile Creation, Images, Videos Sharing and much more

2. Paid Search Advertising:

Google AdWords:

Reliable Internet Marketing for higher quality clicks. Google offers its customers something interesting through their advertising programs popularly known as “Google Adwords, which can also be included within PPC campaign management services, offered successfully through our PPC campaign experts. The set-up and management is based on pay per click (PPC) or cost per click (CPC) services, through an automatic system. We will help you through the steps ad explanations of what(s), why(s) and how(s) of this program to gain maximum benefit out of it. How much you invest is up to you within your comfort range hence it becomes economical but the selection of Adwords needs to be relevant, thought out effective keywords list, with a purpose developed under PPC campaign management. The customized strategy of PPC campaign management will give you a strong ROI with quality web traffic and assured online presence higher on the Google page listings, for more right people to reach you. We Offer 100% Guaranteed On 1st Page of Google. We can target in two ways:
Search Network (Sponsored link on Google Search Pages)
Content Network (Google place your ads on other sites)
Below are the types of ads that we create for you:
Image Ads
Text Ads
Flash Ads

Yahoo/Bing Ads:

Yahoo! delivers innovative solutions to build your brand and drive the response you want. Drive interested prospects to your site or store with a variety of search marketing & local listing solutions. Capture your most valuable audience when and where you want to reach them with a broad spectrum of industry-leading targeting solutions. Find unique ways to target your audience, including buzz-worthy brand and direct response promotions.

Facebook Advertising:

Facebook Advertising has lot of benefits:
• It is the most effective method of online advertising or online marketing.
• Due to its large number users, it enhances brand awareness.
• The advertiser can target audience by age, interest, gender, location and a lot more, which is not possible on search engines.
• Due to its effective targeting, it helps the advertiser to advertise the product to the right person at the right time.
• Pay per Click (PPC) or Cost per Click (CPC) is very low as compare to others ways of online advertising.
• Strengthening customer/advertiser relationships that will lead to sales or referrals.
• It allows sharp increase in Facebook Page likes and improves your online presence.
But before you dive into Facebook Advertising, first you will need a Facebook account and a Facebook Page for your business. Your Company’s brand page is the heart of Facebook Advertising. So it is important to build fan page, connect with people and offer relevant content to engage your customers and their friends.

3. Social Media Marketing:

YouTube Video Optimization:

Actions speak louder than words! YouTube is now the one of the viral social networking with over one billion users and is undoubtedly the world’s most popular video sharing website. According to estimates in every minute around 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. YouTube videos rank very well in the search engines. It can be used in a variety of ways to help maximize your brand exposure. More than 70% of consumers watch online videos once a month, so YouTube Marketing can increase your business reach and help you achieve optimal ROI.
We offer a high-quality video marketing service which includes:
• Creation of videos
• Setting up your new YouTube Channel to attract more viewers
• Video Promotion
• Targeted advertising campaign
• Getting more traffic for your existing YouTube videos
• Monitoring and measuring results to measure ROI
• Ranking your Video in the #1 Page of YouTube
• Integration with Google Analytics

Google Plus Marketing:

Google+ is a popular social network owned and operated by Google Inc. was developed to rival Facebook and Twitter. Google plus enables the user to categorize his followers according to different groups they fall into, thus creating different ‘Circles’. It allows photos, videos, posts and other material to be shared by brands or business
Google+ Pages are almost identical to Facebook pages but are more like corporate accounts where you can share relevant posts, photos, and videos with customers, share information about your company and encourage your followers or fans to comment and discuss posts. Google plus also provides you an environment to talk to your customers face-to-face with video chat and also allows group video chat and screen sharing through the “hangout” feature. It provides you an opportunity to increase rankings on search engine result pages. It is an effective way to enhance the credibility of your brand and hence boost your business. It provides a great platform to target potential audience. Our marketing strategies will help you shift traffic to your Google plus page which will increase your conversions and improve credibility and awareness of your brand. Our Services include:
• Setup of a Google plus business account
• Plans to set out your goals and targets
• Page management
• Page design
• Personalizing your online community
• Campaign strategy development
• Consultancy and advice
• Help and advice on Hangouts
• Monitoring and measuring activity to measure ROI

Pinterest Marketing:

Are you looking to increase your Pinterest engagement and drive traffic?
Pinterest is one of the fastest growing image oriented social networks in the world. It is a free social media website that serves both business and individual or personal use and it allows people to look through interesting stuff, pin them and and leave comments below what was pinned. It is the most effective method of online marketing. Although it is a relative new comer but has grown rapidly within three years and the number is yet on the increase. It is a network where people share pictures. Our Services include:-
• Setup of a Pinterest business account
• Plans to set out your goals and targets
• Creation of unique dashboards
• Ensure that your boards are being seen and shared among your target market
• Interact With Your Pinterest Friends
• Personalizing your online community
• Help showcasing your best products and services
• Campaign strategy development
• Monitoring and measuring activity to measure ROI

LinkedIn Marketing:

• Creating the Right Profile & Settings
• Create an Ad
• Sponsor an Update
• Campaign Creation
• Ads Creation
• Location targeting
• Audience Selection for Showing Ads
• CPC & CPM Bidding
• Convert Clicks into Qualified Leads (Lead Collection)

Facebook Marketing:

Our Marketing strategies which attracts people to like and join your Facebook community and start engaging and sharing your conversations with their network. To get more Facebook likes, we try to take into account the exact motive behind every customer’s need, which in return increases the site’s earning and standing. Our Services include:-
• Facebook Page Creation
• Facebook Ad Creation
• Facebook Post Advertising
• Facebook Likes Advertising
• Facebook Page Adverting
• Facebook Event Creation
• Facebook Event Advertising
• Get Leads from Facebook
• CPM Advertising Model
• Conversion Tracking in Facebook